Why didn’t we achieve success

try try again

Ask yourself “Why didn’t we achieve success?” Was it related to people, processes or technology? What was the catalyst for embarking on the program? Was it driven internally or by some key customers? Was the leadership committed to the program’s success? If so, how were they committed? How was “success” defined? Were the goals and timetables realistic? Was it solely about saving money or reducing headcount? Was the organization mature enough for this type of program. Did you provide context to your employees on why you were starting such a program? Were the employees equipped with the appropriate training and tools? How were projects selected? How were projects managed? Were the results tracked and shared? Was there a recognition component to the program? Regardless of the reasons, you owe it to your customers, your employees, your business, and yourself to try again. Maybe take more time on the front end to clearly articulate the vision. If at first you don’t succeed, Try Try Again….

A few bright Stars

Today’s thoughts are about a story of complacency, procrastination, extinction plus a few bright stars accelerating hard into the future.

Here’s the thing. I’m angry today. Angry at the sudden realization that it’s not businesses and old timers hanging onto power that’s holding back the construction industries revolution. It’s us, Homo Sapiens, and our failure to take ownership. Any of you familiar with my epic, will draw parallels to what I believe is the root cause of the problem.

I call this a small matter of rapid transformation in the context of evolution. We, as Homo Sapiens have yet to adapt to the digital age. A Darwinian question? It most certainly is! Look around and you will catch glimpses of those who have taken the evolutionary steps, I call them ‘game changers’ and I am forever tracking them down to work with. They are Today’s X-Men, they see through the chaos of the collapsing industrial age and the shifting sands of the emerging digital reality. Masters , they are, of Kaizen and Kaikaku. Continuous Change pumps every breath and step they take. They entered the Matrix of the Digital Economy with eyes wide open and evolved faster than the rest of us. Build, Measure, Learn….

Sam Walton left us with ten rules for success, one above all others we must embrace: Swim upstream! Today’s X-Men stick two fingers up at industrial age karma, they take none of that by-gone era’s baggage, they evolve fast by stripping non-value out of the equation and they do it one baby step at a time, but many baby steps every day. Game changers operate calmly at the speed of light.  There’s no time for BS, they are laser focused on failing fast, learning fast, evolving fast. They are forever improving tasks through process, pivoting programs, skills development, adaptive thinking, standard work procedures. Build, Measure, Learn…. Build, Measure, Learn…. Build, Measure, Learn….

Master the Build, Measure, Learn spirit of evolution and you’ll come out a better person.

Stumbling from the industrial age into the digital age is a mindset away, stumble fast, fall often, validate the learning and try and try again. If at first you don’t succeed…..

Stop procrastinating. Stop playing not to lose. Start playing to win. Nobody ever remembers a silver medalist. Get up and go change the world.

Stay tuned, More to follow……….