DISC: The greatest tool for Success.

DISCI would like to share a highly effective tools for helping you make better, more informed hiring practices, strong management decisions and possible improve your family life. All DISC profiling systems generate written reports with specific tips on the strengths and weaknesses of the person as well as tips to best manage the person. Ideally, you will learn to appreciate your differences and use them to their greatest effect. In one example, my boss was frustrated with the performance of a key employee and did not know what to do. After I reviewing the employee’s profile, it was absolutely clear that they would respond best to specific additional training. With that insight, we provided the training required and the employee’s performance increased immediately. Issue resolved. In another example, the partners of a company were frustrated with each other. “Why can’t he just take more initiative?” my boss asked. Upon reviewing the profiles of each owner, I found that their partners had the profile of someone who followed the lead rather than taking it. They all realized they were barking up the wrong tree and if they wanted their partnership to work, they had to work with each other in specific ways to make things change.

The key here is that personality profiles are invaluable as a hiring and management tool. With each person I work with, a current DISC profile is mandatory because they are so rich in information and insights as to how a person operates. And because our personality stems from who we are, personality profiling has great value in our private life too!

DISC will also help you in your personal life. My example is a testimony to how personalities, communication and values within a family can be helped using DISC. In this example, I had a friend lose focus on his daily duties at work. After I looked into the “Root Cause”, I found it to be a family issue. My friend’s daughter was falling behind in school and not communicating with the family or her therapists. This was affecting his work, our friendship and his mental health. As I heard more about the issues, and how the family was communicating, my training with DISC help me understand their troubles. Both my friend and his daughter took a DISC profile test and when I shared the results with the family, they all have learned how to better communicate with each other, turning the family around 180 degrees.

If you are a part of a group or team who also took a behavioral assessment, it would be advantageous to get together, using each person’s data, and understand each person’s Natural and Adapted style. This allows you to quickly see where conflict can occur. You will also be able to identify where communication, understanding and appreciation can be increased.