Troy Selberg Motivational SpeakingThat light bulb moment! Oprah calls it her “Ah ha” moment. It is that magical sweet spot where the message given is felt directly in the heart of the person listening to it. It is as if the whole message was meant for just that one person. That is where the value is!

Troy has the ability to use real world examples to reach out and grab your listeners at exactly the right point. His goal at each of his speaking events is to pierce that sweet spot and motivate each listener to act. He utilizes his years of competitive experience transforming businesses and to delivering powerful, engaging events centered around “Leading Teams”. Troy’s unique approach to business opens your mind to see and create new opportunities, clever positioning and game-breaking strategies for continuous business improvements that will drive growth within your company. His stories are entertaining and inspiring to groups of all types. Are you ready to give your team their light bulb moment? Use the contact page to schedule an appointment today…..