Dave Francisco USMC retired/VP Motova8, Inc.

I first met Troy while visiting a Marines sponsored race team in Charlotte, NC where he worked. I have known Troy for over 8 years. He is a human dynamo, extremely bright and much focused. His ability to represent the sponsors of his employer and deliver their message was always handled first class. I have attended many speaking engagements where Troy was the speaker and I was highly impressed. He is personal and presence is very dynamite and inspiring. His extensive background in the racing industry makes him a book of knowledge. He makes it look so easy. As a former drill instructor for the Marines I totally understand his strengths in team building. Like the Military, Motorsports is about teamwork, and Troy’s message will drive home to your company’s employees, “your only as strong as the team you have supporting you”. As a Motova8, Inc. Speaker myself I personally highly recommend Troy to speak to your group. I feel he brings a lot of expertise and professionalism to the table.


Dave Francisco USMC retired/VP Motova8, Inc.




Edward Rensi Business Magnate

My name is Ed Rensi, Former President and CEO of McDonald’s, Former owner of a NASCAR race team and a Premiere Speaker. I have known Troy for over 20 years. Troy was a key instrument player in building my NASCAR race team for me. He has the ability to lead a group of people for a common goal. He is a born leader and motivator. He was my crew chief and team manger for over 4 years. He is an exceptional leader and team motivator.

Troy has spoken numerous times on our team’s behalf to many of our sponsors and their employees. He has the ability to capture people’s attention through his dynamic appearance and knowledge of racing.

I believe Troy offers an abundance of knowledge through racing. Troy has been involved with the sport for over 25 years. He is a highly energetic person and has a lot of experience in all areas of racing from sweeping the floor to overseeing over 100 employees.

As a keynote speaker myself, I believe Troy could bring a lot to your speaking program.


Ed Rensi

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