DMAICTroy makes sure that the user experience from engagement to end of business is consistent and manageable throughout. In short, he finds discrepancies in the user experience and makes moves to change them to make an experience seamless. This can often be external, in terms of making sure the UI works for the customer, or internal, such as making changes that reflect company values in a way from which employees can maximize their own personal benefit.

Troy offers consulting services tailored to solving problems that hinder your business performance, efficiency and develops new work processes to capture opportunities for improvement.  From assessment through implementation, he takes a practical approach while working hand-in-hand with your team to deliver fast, effective, and sustainable solutions. These solutions are aimed at a consistent experience allows both internal and external customers to feel the real satisfaction that comes from having consistent quality throughout the whole of the corporate experience. Solving problems that impair key business performance by reducing mistakes, eliminating unnecessary expenses and enhancing revenue generation. The process includes but is not limited to the following steps:

  • Decide which deployment model best suits your environment.
  • Establish an effective governance structure.
  • Identify opportunities (areas of focus) for applying the methodologies to enhance business performance.
  • Select projects within the areas of focus.
  • Train and coach your staff to correctly apply the tools.
  • Monitor the overall performance of your companies initiative, and identify opportunities for improvement.

Troy’s experience across industries and geographies allows him to perform diagnostics quickly that help companies achieve sustainable improvements. Using a Value Stream Assessment to focus on areas with the most potential for generating results, his clients avoid the extra cost and time of training and deploying more teams than absolutely required. If needed, Troy partners well with third-party companies to deliver the right tools and solutions that best meet his client’s needs. Use the contact page to schedule an appointment today…