Behavior Assessments helps us understand how a person prefers to give and receive information. Healthy, positive relationships come from having an accurate understanding of yourself and others. DISC is a powerful tool for obtaining a new appreciation for our personality styles and their effect on our everyday lives. Communication, miscommunication or the lack of communication, has a significant impact on the workplace with employee productivity and morale. The way in which each behavioral style prefers to give and receive information varies greatly.  We can easily identify behavioral styles through the use of an assessment tool like DISC and begin to better understand how to more effectively teach communicate with your team members. These tools can help you and your employees learn more about personality styles, paving the way toward improved communication.

DISC Assessment Styles

  1. Dominance. Those with dominance as a prominent behavioral trait strive toward authority in the workplace. They enjoy attaining and maintaining certain levels of control and are not afraid to use assertiveness and hard work to achieve it. This employee is a problem solver who likes a challenge, enjoys a certain level of competition at work and is known for his or her directness.
  2. Influence. Employees who score high in the area of influence are the ones who thrive and excel at interacting and communicating with others. Although they are good storytellers who possess a great sense of humor, these employees can have a hard time listening. What they lack in an organization they make up for with energy and enthusiasm.
  3. Steadiness. A high score in the steadiness area reveals that your employee is in it for the long haul whether he’s working on a project, short-term goals or his overall career. In addition to being persistent and patient, this staff member is also a great listener. Not one for multi-tasking, he or she prefers to focus on one project prior to moving on to another.
  4. Compliance. This employee can be a creative thinker, who gives great attention to detail and is highly organized. Employees, who score high in compliance aren’t always keen on change., and will need you to offer supporting evidence of the benefits of your proposed changes.

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