Troy Selberg is a charismatic, knowledgeable, dynamic leader with over three decades of experience in high-visibility, fast-paced environments. With more than 12 years of senior leadership/executive experience carrying full P&L responsibility. His leadership has achieved revenue, profit, and business growth objectives, year after year, within start-up, turnaround and rapid-changing environments.

Really what I am trying to say is, Troy grew up in a sport having access to state-of-the-art technology and therefore he learned new skills on a daily basis. “I worked in a field that significantly crosses over with my hobbies, so most of the time my work doesn’t really feel like work. Everyday brought a new challenge, and I found it particularly satisfying to watch or read a five-star review of a vehicle that I had a role in testing components for and know I had a small part in creating.”

“Everyone loves working in a team, and for years I lived, breathed and slept “Team.” My role also required a high level of precision and attention to technical detail, which I find very rewarding, and I like being able to work across a wide variety of projects. It all offered something different day-to-day.”

Now days, Troy gets the opportunity to use those skills to meet fascinating people and improve their quality of life. “I believe in job satisfaction, my life is never boring and my working days are often quite varied.”

Troy now has the opportunity to use his skills and training to try to make a genuine difference to individuals and a broader community in great need—and it’s exactly the job he dreamed of doing when he was a high school student.

“I enjoy sharing my expertise through speaking to groups of all sizes. My television and radio career have helped me continue to contribute to others’ success by advancing their knowledge, too. I call it “paying forward.”

“I can’t wait to motivate you and your team to their true potential!”

-Troy Selberg-