There are 35 ways to kill ideas. The one rule that that I found to be most important is the “one person, one vote” rule. Just because someone has a bigger business card than someone else does not make their opinion more important. If they have a valid reason for not doing something, then it is their responsibility to explain or show data why that should not be done to the rest of the team.

1)  Don’t be ridiculous.

2)  We tried that before.

3)  It costs too much.

4)  It can’t be done.

5)  That’s beyond our/your responsibility.

6)  It’s too radical a change.

7)  We don’t have the time.

8)  That will make other equipment obsolete.

9)  We’re too small/big for it.

10)  That’s not our problem.

11)  We’ve never done it before.

12)  Let’s get back to reality.

13)  Why change it; it’s still working OK.

14)  You’re two years ahead of your time.

15)  We’re not ready for that.

16)  It isn’t in the budget.

17)  Can’t teach old dogs new tricks.

18)  Do the best you can with what you’ve got.

19)  Too hard to sell.

20)  Top management would never go for it.

21)  We’ll be the laughing stock.

22)  Let’s shelve it for the time being.

23)  We did all right without it.

24)  Has anyone else ever tried it?

25)  It won’t work in our industry.

26)  Will you guarantee it will work?

27)  That’s the way we’ve always done it.

28)  What we have is good enough.

29)  But we would also have to change the

30)  It’s in our future plans.

31)  We’ll have somebody study that problem.

32)  It’s against our policy.

33)  The supplier would never do that.

34)  The customer wouldn’t accept that.

35)  When did you become the expert?

The organization as a whole needs to embrace the same philosophy, or shall we say, methodology. If you implement a bunch of bureaucratic processes and introduce new, challenging tools without explanation, you will alienate the organization
and create resistance to the concept. Start with communication about why you are implementing the new processes and new tools. Make it user-friendly and a part of your implementation plan. Show them how implementation of this new initiative will make their lives better.

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