This morning on my way home from the gym, when I was a block away from my house, I pulled up to an intersection to turn left. Oncoming traffic that was turning left across my path never signaled to turn. Not one person turned on their blinker to let me know they would be turning across my path. Truly this a was clear lack of communication!

Laziness, relative lack of enforcement, a little confirmation bias on my part, yes probably.

Naturally this is a large generalization, but it’s one that keeps weighing on my own experiences in business. I believe, like our lack or willingness to communicate in business, our car culture in America makes driving a thing we take very much for granted, and it makes people less than courteous as a result.

I have found that the root cause of most business problems simply comes down to lack of clear communication. Not defining a plan to others is not showing direction. Not following procedure is like not turning on your blinker. Not having standard working procedures is like not have a turn signal at all.  Often business situations involve communication between two or more people from different positions, in different roles and with different goals and objectives just like cars on the road.

I am not perfect, but I use my turn signals all the time. I also work hard to improve my communication in business. Streamlining procedures, teaching others to follow protocols and returning emails.

Effective business communication like good driving etiquette can help me, as well as you. Today and every day, improve the little things like communication with others and like using your turn signals.

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