back bone

I regularly see a chiropractor. In fact, my family and I swear by him. He has helped us correct everything from reoccurring ear infections, pains from car accidents, and general wellness care. It is his job to adjust all the kinks so that our bodies work as efficiently as possible. It is mind blowing to me that one small adjustment can truly enrich my entire body. It really is just that simple!

It is no different in the business world. One small communication issue can severely impair a business if it is not dealt with.  Outdated policies and procedures can cripple a company. One of the most common things I find in companies, is outdated technology that causes employees to consistently repeat tasks that in this technological age, could be easily automated. Imagine the amount those repetitive tasks could be costing your company. Each of these examples, could be a kink in your business. Do you think it is time to have your company adjusted?

Often times, those issues can be fixed very easily. The value lies in taking the time to start by examining the backbone of your company. Just like our spine, your company’s backbone it its nerve center. From there, examine the extremities of your business. These are your marketing, sales, IT, HR departments and the like. When you find something that is no longer efficient, outdated, or generally out of whack, fix it.  Sounds like common sense, I get it! However, companies everywhere are skipping this important step in the wellness plan of their businesses.  Don’t let a little kink throw off the whole balance of your workplace!

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