Team CollaborationHow often do you find a marketing project with considerable naiveté, largely unaware of how much cost would be and how difficult it might be to pull off? But, naiveté kept you going and the final result could have certain limitations because you were attempting to do so much with so little. So, you steal an idea from another agency via the internet. All you’ve managed to create was a mess of someone else’s old idea, a bad marketing space and another unsatisfied customer.

I’ve witnessed a lot of marketing fads, gimmicky techniques that were all the rage for a year or two, only to fall out of favor with marketing agencies and/or CMO’s in no time. I’ve also witnessed many project managers who became intoxicated with too much work and took on an impossible travel schedule with a litany of high-pressure assignments—to the point that eventually, they just walked away from event marketing completely because they burned themselves out. You’ll last longer, and live longer, if you don’t take that approach. And, by the way, from time to time, don’t be afraid to totally reinvent yourself. There’s no better way to get out of a creative rut than to involve others.

Surround yourself with people that are stronger in areas you are weak. Learn to create a more powerful marketing displays for your customers with a team. Event marketing spaces can bridge the gap between creative vision and customer expectation. A good display connects all of the elements of an experiential marketing experience, bringing everything together in a pleasing or provocative way, and revealing a heart-felt message to the audience.

The creative vision process of the display is rooted in the practice of hearing, interpreting and re-imagining the stories of your customer’s perception of engagement. Look for alignment with these values of engagement, while appreciating that we seek to instigate change using the aesthetic and social contexts of the marketing experience, where change is needed to improve the human condition….

And, yes, never stop trying to connect emotionally with the audience within the event space. For a successful marketing experience, the creative team and the audience become a part of the same community, even for a brief time.  Examine the story being told and how it relates to achieving successful ROI goals. Each team member (AKA subject matter expert) brings value by hearing, feeling and understanding something unique about the project. Success through team collaboration is the key.  It’s often said that great event spaces are made – not copied.

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