While you can’t go back in a time, you can pay it forward. Hindsight is 20/20 and some of the best insights come from past experiences. As you ponder about yourself, here is a little of my story.

From the outside, Motorsports looks like it’s all about the beer cans and chicken bones, all that rubber in your face and loud cars. In fact, it’s all about coming up with new designs that offer solutions to industry problems and seeing your designs transferred into a commercial reality. Motorsports offered a lot of freedom to test your ideas against other groups of people who thought they too, had a better mousetrap.

You see, I grew up in a sport having access to state-of-the-art technology and I was learning new skills on a daily basis. I was working in a field that significantly crosses over with my hobbies, so most of the time; my work doesn’t really feel like work. Every day brought a new challenge, and I found it particularly satisfying to watch or read a five-star review of a vehicle that I have had a role in testing components for, and know I had a small part in its creation.

Everyone loves working in a team, and for years I lived, breathed and slept Team. My role also required a high level of precision and attention to technical detail, which I find very rewarding, and I like being able to work across a wide variety of projects. It all offers something different day-to-day.

Now days, I get the opportunity to meet fascinating people and improve their quality of life. After years of being part of a team adds to the job satisfaction, my life is never boring and my working days are often quite different.

You too should find every job equally exciting: The progress being made in many industries is rapid and seemingly exponential in its rate of change.

True hard work results in enormous personal satisfaction: “I’m getting the opportunity to use my skills and training to try to make a genuine difference to individuals and a community in great need. It is exactly the job I dreamed of doing when I was a high school student.”

My advice to others? If a job really isn’t working out, find something new and challenging. Life is too short. It’s the random experiences that make life exciting and will lead to new opportunities.”

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