Troy Selberg 2016 LeaderThank you for visiting my website! Great leaders are able to inspire and motivate others by showing the big picture beyond the immediacy of their current taskEveryone has a unique motivational trigger

Motivation is a highly studied subject, and I have personally used assessments like DISC and Myers-Briggs to determine employees’ personality types to anticipate their natural behavior and tendencies. While assessments, books, and tools help inspire short and long-term performance, they do not tell us how to motivate employees as they mature and evolve within a company. 

For me, culture and accountability using trackable systems have always proven successful at creating and sustaining employee motivation. As leaders, we must hold ourselves accountable to build a meaningful culture and purposeful relationships that matter with our employees. Ultimately, this empowers the employees to truly find their purpose within an organization. 

An outsider’s perspective in culture-setting systems can revitalize the trajectory of a company and focus employees towards achieving personal and company goals. 

My website’s purpose is to help you obtain the knowledge necessary to build an incredible team to achieve your mission. If I can be of assistance on your mission, please let me know.