Troy Selberg 2016 LeaderThank you for visiting my website! Great leaders are able to inspire and motivate others by showing the big picture beyond the immediacy of their current task. Does your client experience need tweaking? My purpose is to improve the customer experience (both internal as well as external), and if you’re finding a lack of engagement from your base, there might be a reason. I can help ensure that employees and clients feel good about the company they work with. Ether by mentoring key personnel and or working with your clients.

I truly understand that every company has two customer bases: external (customers who buy products, wholesalers, service agencies) and internal (employees, vendors, and suppliers). Working with a proven Six Sigma and behavioral knowledge bases, I can get a better idea of what kind of synergy we can create. Only then, can we implement an accountability trackable systems to drive successful culture, creating and sustaining motivation. Ultimately, empowering both employees and vendors to truly find their purpose. 

An outsider’s perspective in culture-setting systems can revitalize the trajectory of a company and focus all towards achieving personal and company goals. 

My website’s purpose is to help you obtain the knowledge necessary to build an incredible team to achieve your mission. If I can be of assistance on your mission, please let me know.